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    What are the boundaries of the Mount Vernon District?

    The Mount Vernon District includes the communities of Belle Haven, Belle View, Fort Hunt, Mason Neck, Lorton, Fort Belvoir, Newington, Woodlawn, Gum Springs, Bucknell Heights, and other areas of southeast Fairfax County.

    Dear Friends

    We live in the one of the greatest areas of our country, yet it feels that it’s becoming harder and harder for American families to get ahead here.

    Nothing has contributed to this hindrance more recently than the increasing tax burdens and inflation caused by government overspend.  Fairfax county’s leadership is culpable of using our hard-earned taxpayer dollars to advance projects that are not in the citizens’ best interest but only serve to further their own personal and bureaucratic agendas.

    I do NOT believe that a homeless shelter, designed with the intent to house sex offenders, should be in our residential neighborhood and within walking distance of our high school.

    I do NOT believe that unelected political appointees should be able to force private property owners to give up parts of their property in order to establish wetlands, as it is occurring today with our neighbors.

    I do NOT believe that threatening protestors belong in our neighborhoods and the County should be protecting ALL residents.

    Our current representative has voted for and continues to support all of the above.

    I DO believe that we owe it to our children and grandchildren to leave them a debt-free world, and we must force our government to operate within sustainable means.

    I DO believe that our current elected officials are “asleep at the wheel” and have allowed a bureaucratic system to run roughshod over them pursuing activities not in the best interest of our families.

    I DO believe that the citizens of Fairfax county deserve a representative who will listen, respond, and act with integrity and accountability.

    I’ve held many roles in my life: Son, soldier, husband, father, business owner, coach, tech professional, volunteer, and am upset enough at the current status quo that am pursing a new role – that of serving as a Members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for the Mount Vernon Magisterial District.

    I’m asking you to take this journey with me to find and secure a stronger sustainable future for the next generation.

    All the best,

    Christopher Morgan

    P.S. My personal cell phone is 703-628-7569 — feel free to call or text me anytime regarding what you expect from me or your Fairfax County government.

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    My Plans and Strategies for Mount Vernon

    My Plans and Strategies for Mount Vernon

    My Plans and Strategies for Mount Vernon

    Would you like to become one of our donors?

    Would you like to become one of our donors?
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